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Why I love the little guy…

Okay, so Total Wine and Spirits opened in Vegas recently and they’re doing weekend tastings. After being repeatedly asked by just about everyone we know if we’d been over to Total yet, we finally decided that today was the day we’d check it out. And the verdict is meh. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with it, per se. The tastings were fine – much more geared to the mass market than a lot of the tastings that we go to, but that’s to be expected. The sweet tea “wine” thing was… interesting. And certainly nothing like my regular places would pour (or stock)… The racks and racks and aisles of wine were awesome. Rhone? Yup. Spain? Of course. Portugal? Yeah, even a basic selection of that, too. … Read entire article »


Duboeuf Moulin-a-Vent Domaine des Rosiers 2008

I’m really enjoying this wine.  We had it it at a tasting at Valley Cheese and Wine during their anti-Nouveau party in November and we picked up a case.  This is definitely something we’re planning on holding on to and drinking through slowly.  There’s a lot of room for growth in this one. In the glass, it’s a rich ruby red with a clear defined rim.  On the nose it’s showing its youth with lots of clear, crisp currant and cherry … Read entire article »

Dinner at Herbs and Rye

Met a friend for dinner last night at Herbs and Rye on Sahara.  D. and I stopped here once after their soft opening in December and liked it so much we promised ourselves we’d come back, which we did last night.  I have to say that they did a phenomenal job with this space.  Long-time Vegas residents will remember this spot as the old Venetian.  Once the Venetian closed, the space went through an unfortunate string of kitschy theme places … Read entire article »

Red Rock Wines Dinner

Yes, I know… I owe updates. The rest of the Portugal trip was phenomenal… except for the whole getting sick bit. Rule number 10 of travel – if it’s a long enough trip, someone in the group will get sick. It happened to both of us last year, and this year was my lucky year… again. I managed to stave off the worst of it until we got home, but I felt like I’d been hit … Read entire article »

Paris to Lisbon

After finishing up at the Pompidou, D. and I walked back towards the 10th Arrondissment and our hotel figuring we’d stop by for dinner on the way. We walked up the Rue La Fayette towards Gare du Nord. This is where I really differ from a lot of other people who’ve written about the 10th. There are a few people who have mentioned that they felt uncomfortable at night or that the neighborhood didn’t seem safe. … Read entire article »

Paris recap

The day in Paris was pretty awesome.  We were absolutely exhausted.  The flight from ATL to CDG was a bit rough and the Air France crew kept making announcements about wearing seatbelts and doing seatbelt checks so it was utterly and completely impossible to get any sleep.  In fact, I’d fallen asleep but got woken up and rather startled by one of the cabin crew lifting up my blanket to check if I was seat-belted.  Honestly, the turbulence wasn’t that … Read entire article »

Europe Schedule…

Here’s where we’ll be: 12-25 – en route: LAS – ATL – CDG 12/26 – 12/27:  23 hours in Paris 12/27-12/29: Lisbon 12/29-1/1: Sintra 1/1-1/3: Back to Lisbon 1/3-1/5: Porto 1/5-1/7: Lisbon, again 12/7: Back home, LIS – CDG – JFK – LAS … Read entire article »

Mostly packed

Yay for mostly packed. Hair is dying now. Sipping on that vinho verde while we finish up getting things set.  First leg, LAS – ATL starts at 10:15 tomorrow morning. … Read entire article »

Hello world!

I so should be packing right now… Instead I’m putting the finishing touches on the blog, tweeting and waiting impatiently for the vinho verde to finish chilling. To do: pack dye hair eat dinner pack more probably do laundry… it’s been an insane week. … Read entire article »